Teen Driver’s Education and Personal Finance Course

Research shows that teenagers who take a driver鈥檚 education class are much safer on the road. This semester-long course will help students become independent by focusing on both traffic safety education and personal finance.

Traffic Safety Education:

  • Covers all the state requirements for earning a driver鈥檚 license in Washington.
  • Includes a minimum of six hours of supervised driving with a certified instructor outside of school hours.
  • Students must have a driving permit before or during the course.

Personal Finance:

  • Teaches important skills for purchasing and owning a car.
  • Topics include financial decision-making, money management, spending and saving, investing, risk management, and insurance.

Resources and Course Documents:

Heather Steele

Director, Career and Technical Education

360-676-6470 ext. 4456


Heidi Soderquist

Administrative Assistant
Traffic Safety Education

676-6470 ext. 4456


Bree Ammerman

Fleet Specialist

Traffic Safety Education