Skylert enables you to receive notifications concerning your child(ren), including messages from 老澳门六合彩开奖网 Public Schools and your child鈥檚 school. You have control over which notifications to receive and how you would like to receive them. Skylert is accessed via Skyward Family Access.

Step 1

Begin by logging in to . Skylert is a feature for parents and guardians, so be sure to login as yourself (not your child). If you don鈥檛 know your login/password, click the 鈥淔orgot your login/password?鈥 link to have a reset email sent to you. Please contact your child鈥檚 school secretary or registrar if you cannot access your password or have issues signing in to Skylert.

An image of the login screen of Skyward


Step 2

Confirm that your name displays in the username on the right. Again, it鈥檚 important that you鈥檙e logged in as yourself and not using your child鈥檚 login. Each parent/guardian should login to manage their individual preferences.

A screenshot of the logged in screen of Skyward.


Step 3

If you have more than one student enrolled in the district, make sure that you鈥檙e displaying 鈥淎ll Students鈥 at the top left.

A screen shot from within Skyward that shows each student profile.


Step 4

Click on the Skylert tab on the left.

A screenshot of Skyward with a red arrow pointing at the menu tab for Skylert.


Step 5

On the Skylert screen you鈥檒l see:

  • Primary Phone for your whole household (this is the home phone number, or a parent/guardian鈥檚 cell phone if there鈥檚 no landline). This information comes from Skyward.
  • Your second phone number (if listed in Skyward)
  • Your third phone number (if listed in Skyward)
  • Your email address (if listed in Skyward)
  • NOTE: To add a text number for notifications keep scrolling to Step 8 directions below

The contact preferences section of Skylert.

Step 6

You can type directly into the boxes to update your phone numbers and email address. When changing your primary phone number, it will be updated in Skyward for all other members of your household. If any of the boxes are grayed out and don鈥檛 allow you to type, a message will display under the list of phone numbers to indicate why changes can鈥檛 be made.

Current and past employees of 老澳门六合彩开奖网 Public Schools must contact Human Resources to change contact info phone numbers.

Step 7

Listed after each phone and email address are columns of different types of communications you can choose to receive.聽 By default, all items will be checked for the primary phone and email.聽 The Emergency, Attendance and Food Service Negative (Neg.) Balance notifications are required and can鈥檛 be edited.

All the editable columns in Skylert.

Step 8

If you would like to receive emergency and/or attendance calls to your cell or work phone in addition to the primary phone you can enter your phone number in the Additional Contact Info area further down on the screen and check the boxes for emergency and attendance there.

You can also enter any other personal phone numbers or email addresses you would like to use to receive calls, emails, or text messages. Be sure to add mobile number to the third area for Text Messages.

The additional contacts section of Skylert.

Step 9

When you鈥檝e finished making selections, scroll up to the top of the page and click the save button on the top right.

Once you have saved your information and preferences, you are done. You can change/manage your Skylert information any time throughout the school year. We know notification preferences may change, so feel free to login to Skyward Family Access and edit your information as needed.

An image showing how to save Skylert changes.